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Date: 2022-06-10, View: 1919

Nano-Biomaterials Group

Applications of functional nanomaterials in biomedicine and environmental sciences。

E-mail: Tel:0574-63875099


Advanced functional coatings and biological surfaces Research Group

Marine biofouling at molecular level, biomaterial-cell interactions, and thermal/cold spray construction of structural and functional coatings.



Intelligent Medical Imaging (iMED) Group

Medical imaging analysis, ophthalmic image processing, AL, computer vision, pattern recognition。 


Motor Rehabilitation and Medical Robotics Group 

Symbiotic Interaction and Medical Robotics; Human Informatics and Healthy Assessment. 


Novel Pharmaceutical Formulations Materials and Technology Research Group

Solubilization of water-insoluble actives, taste masking of tranditional chinese medicines, development of oraldissolving formulations.



Biomedical Polymers Research Group

Self-adaptive biomedical materials & device, hydrogels for drug delivery and sensors, tissue engineering and regenerative materials.


Gene & in-vitro Diagnostics Technologies Group

Advanced diagnosis & technologies based on DNA sequencing technologies; Highly sensitive biological materials and in-vitro diagnostics technologies; DNA nanotechnology and its application


Organic optical theranostic materials and technology group

Development of organic optical functional materials,ordered hybrid assembly of organic materials with biological structures,monitoring and treatment of diabetes