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Aiguo Wu, Professor
Date: 2019-08-01, View: 563

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry 
State Key Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry 
Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, 
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

B. S. Department of Chemistry 
Nanchang University, Nanchang, China 


1/2019-present Director of Cixi Institute of Biomedical Engineering 
Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering (CNITECH), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China

6/2009-12/2018 Division of Functional Materials and Nanodevices 
Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering (CNITECH), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China

5/2006 – 6/2009: Research Associate in Medical Sciences 
Department of Radiation Oncology & 
Department of Radiology 
Feinberg School of Medicine 
Northwestern University, USA

7/2005- 4/2006 Postdoctoral Scholar/Research Associate in Chemistry 
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division 
California Institute of Technology, USA

2/2004-7/2005 Postdoctor 
Department of Chemistry 
University of Marburg, Germany 


  • Theranostic Agents for Cancer Imaging & Therapy Based on Funtional Nanomaterials
  • Rapid Detection Agents for Ions, Bio-Small Molecules and Cells Based on Functional Nanomaterials


  • Zheyu Shen, Hao Wu, Sugeun Yang, Xuehua Ma, Zihou Li, Mingqian Tan *, Aiguo Wu*. A novel Trojan-horse targeting strategy to reduce the non-specific uptake of nanocarriers by non-cancerous cells. Biomaterials, 2015, 70, 1-11. 
  • Leyong Zeng, Yuanwei Pan, Ying Tian, Xin Wang, Wenzhi Ren, Shouju Wang, Guangming Lu*, Aiguo Wu*. Doxorubicin-loaded NaYF4:Yb/Tm-TiO2 inorganic photosensitizers for NIR-triggered photodynamic therapy and enhanced chemotherapy in drug-resistant breast cancers. Biomaterials, 2015, 57, 93-106. 
  • Ling'e Zhang, Leyong Zeng*, Yuanwei Pan, Song Luo, Wenzhi Ren, An Gong, Xuehua Ma, Hongze Liang, Guangming Lu*, Aiguo Wu*. Inorganic photosensitizer coupled Gd-based upconversion luminescent nanocomposites for in vivo magnetic resonance imaging and near-infrared-responsive photodynamic therapy in cancers. Biomaterials, 2015, 44, 82-90. 
  • Zhenzhi Shi, Wenzhi Ren, An Gong, Xinmei Zhao, Yuehong Zou, Eric Michael Bratsolias Brown, Xiaoyuan Chen , Aiguo Wu*. Stability enhanced polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanorodphotosensitizer complexes for high/low power density photodynamic therapy. Biomaterials, 2014, 35, 7058-7067. 
  • Yuexia Gao, Xing Li*, Yonglong Li, Tianhua Li, Yayun Zhao, Aiguo Wu*. A simply visual and highly selective colorimetric detection of Hg2+ based on gold nanoparticles modified with 8-hydroxyquinolines and oxalates, Chemimcal Communications, 2014, 50(49), 6447-6450. (Featured in Back Cover)