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CIBE Held Liang Nong Rice Cake Experience Making Activity
Date: 2020-01-16, View: 2269

Liang Nong cake is a classic work of Ningbo's intangible cultural heritage, and was included in "China on the Tip of the Tongue". Unlike many intangible cultural heritages that are facing difficulties in inheritance and development, Liang Nong cakes are becoming more and more popular and highly sought after.

In order to enrich the cultural life of teachers and students of Cixi Medical Laboratory and better integrate into the local traditional culture, the Operation Security Office of the Medical Laboratory invited businessmen in the afternoon on the first floor of the scientific research building of Cixi Medical Laboratory Cake activities.

At the beginning of the event, everyone first tasted the delicious Liang Nong cake while it was hot. With a bite, the soft, waxy skin instantly captured the tips of the teachers and students, and the sweet bean paste filling warmed everyone's heart in winter. Once the tasting was over, everyone looked forward to enjoying the production process. The staff explained while demonstrating that the first step of the cake flour was formed in the mold, the second step of the white rice flour was sprinkled with the big cake, and the sixth step of the steamed big cake, each step was explained clearly and in detail. There are also important tips for each step to be noted.

When I experienced the production process, everyone rolled up their sleeves and eagerly tried. The students first sift the delicate rice noodles on the cake mold, then use a special bamboo slip to separate a block of squares, then use the funnel to fill in the delicious bean paste filling, evenly spread a few layers of rice noodles, and then print their favorite text Or pattern. Steam the big cakes in the boiler. When the steamed cakes come out, everyone feels particularly fulfilled. In the end, the whole event ended successfully with everyone happily tasting the big cake.

Although the production process of Liang Nong Rice Cake is complicated and elegant, the whole experience activity makes teachers and students feel delicious and interesting, which makes everyone not only inherit the traditional culture but also relax the body and mind after intense research.