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CIBE Held the 2019 exchange meeting of logistics work
Date: 2020-01-15, View: 1922

On January 8th, the Cixi Medical Institute affiliated to the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized the 2019 logistics work summary and exchange meeting. More than 20 people including Wu Aiguo, director of Cixi Medical Institute, employee representatives, graduate student representatives, and principals of entrusted service units attended the meeting. Huang Wei, deputy director of Cixi Medical Institute presided over the meeting.

The principals of Greentown Service Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Seven Terminals Co., Ltd. reported on the work carried out since the establishment of the medical laboratory in 2019, and proposed rectification measures in response to the existing problems and deficiencies, saying that they will strengthen training, equip professionals, and adjust their work. Ideas and other methods to improve service levels and ensure safe and stable operation of the park.

Qu Jinghong, Assistant of the Operation and Security Office of Cixi Medical Laboratory, introduced the park overview, the development of logistics in 2019, the results of satisfaction evaluation, the relevant feedback from student employees and the service status of entrusted service units. She said that each entrusted service unit in 2019 Unite together, eliminate difficulties, and ensure the smooth relocation and operation of the medical laboratory.

In the subsequent communication session, the participants actively offered suggestions and suggestions, hoping that all service units can overcome the difficulties of low turnover pressure, strengthen the consciousness of the service research team, actively look for differences in service supply and demand, provide more services that meet the needs, and strive to create more Comfortable work and study environment.

       Wu Aiguo fully affirmed the achievements of the early logistics in the park entry, infrastructure reconstruction, and guaranteeing the operation of the park. At the same time, it requires logistics workers and entrusted service units to carry out service awareness throughout their work, find gaps in benchmarking opinions, focus on "improving service level", and move from "guaranteed operation" to "quality operation"; in future work It is necessary to make the construction of medical laboratories more beautiful, better, and more perfect as the goal of struggle, and provide strong backing for the sustainable and healthy development of medical laboratories.