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CIBE held laboratory safety training
Date: 2020-12-16, View: 2003

On the morning of December 5, 2019, the Party branch of the Medical Laboratories and the trade union team organized safety training and fire fighting exercises in the Cixi New Park. The training was conducted by Wang Jinggang, a safety officer of the Polymer Business Department. More than 90 people including medical institute leaders, students, employees and property staff participated in the training.

        Director Wu Aiguo first emphasized the necessity and importance of safety. Laboratory safety is the prerequisite and basis for everyone to carry out scientific research. Unsafety is all zero. Only by first achieving safety can we make subsequent work achievements. Wu Aiguo hopes that through this safety training, he will further enhance personnel's safety awareness and safety knowledge, and jointly create a safe and orderly scientific research environment.

     Teacher Wang Jinggang explained from three aspects: safety awareness, hazardous chemicals and case analysis. Taking the shocking accidents in life as an example first, it summarizes the "irreversible" and "unable to hurt" features of safety accidents, and emphasizes the importance of establishing safety awareness. Then, the dangerous species and dangerous characteristics were explained in detail. Finally, through the analysis of typical experimental accidents, it is emphasized that experimental safety should be "four lines: safety awareness, safety knowledge, safety operation, and safety protection. In the fire extinguishment exercise, Mr. Wang addressed everyone Introduced in detail how to use the fire extinguisher correctly. Under his guidance, more than ten students took up the fire extinguisher and carried out the fire extinguishing drill. Through this safety training, the staff of the medical laboratory students gained safety awareness, safety knowledge and fire fighting skills Promote.