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CIBE Held Waste Separation Training
Date: 2019-11-01, View: 1880

    On October 28, 2019, in order to better carry out the garbage classification work of the medical laboratory park and promote the habit of all employees and students to develop the correct garbage classification, the Cixi Medical Laboratory invited the lecturer Han Yitong of the Cixi Urban Management Bureau Domestic Waste Office to conduct garbage classification Nearly 100 employees, students and property staff of Cixi Medical Institute participated in the training seminar.

      Director Wu Aiguo made a mobilization speech. He said that waste sorting has become a new fashion, with its merits in the present age and its benefits in the future, all employees and students should fully understand the importance of waste sorting, carefully study and master the knowledge of waste sorting, and apply it to daily life to guide students Learn to sort waste and develop the habit of sorting waste.

      Han Yitong explained in detail the relevant provisions of the “Ningbo Municipal Solid Waste Classification Management Regulations”, how to classify domestic waste, how to put it accurately, and the misunderstandings of waste classification, etc., and interacted with relevant issues of concern to everyone.

      Through this training, all employees and students have further enhanced their awareness of participating in waste classification, mastered the knowledge of waste classification and precise delivery, and provided guarantee for jointly creating a beautiful park environment.