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CIBE held relocation ceremony
Date: 2019-07-18, View: 1950

On July 18, the relocation ceremony of the Cixi Medical Institute affiliated to the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences was held in the square in front of Building A of Ningbo Institute of Materials. The director of Ningbo Materials Institute Huang Zhengren, the deputy director Zhang Ruili, the director of the affiliated Cixi Medical Institute Wu Aiguo, the deputy director Li Hua, Huang Wei and all the staff and students of the medical institute participated in this ceremony Zhang Ruili presided over.

Wu Aiguo first spoke on behalf of the relocation leadership group of the medical laboratory. He thanked the Ningbo Materials Institute and the Cixi Municipal Government for their strong support for the construction of the Cixi Medical Laboratory, and thanked all the staff for the hard work of the Cixi Medical Laboratory. Subsequently, Wu Aiguo introduced the specific division of labor and overall deployment of the relocation work in detail, and expressed hope and good wishes for the future of Cixi Medical Laboratory.

Huang Zhengren, on behalf of all personnel of Ningbo Institute of Materials, congratulated Cixi Medical Office. He pointed out that Cixi Medical Institute is in a good stage of vigorous development. I hope you can seize the opportunity to embark on a rapid development and high-quality development of Kangzhuang Avenue, and can improve team building, platform construction, discipline construction, and industrial development. A step, rewarding the Cixi Municipal People's Government and Ningbo Materials Institute with excellent results, and looking forward to the better and better Cixi Medical Laboratories.

Subsequently, Huang Zhengren announced that the relocation was officially launched, and buses full of all employees of the medical laboratory, as well as equipment and furniture handling vehicles successively drove out of the Ningbo Materials Institute.

At 9:30, the leaders of the Organization Department of Cixi Municipal Party Committee, Cixi Science and Technology Bureau, Cixi Science Association and Environmental Innovation Center greeted all the staff of Cixi Medical Institute to settle in the new park. Hu Zhiyuan, director of the Cixi Science and Technology Bureau, and his entourage, accompanied by Zhang Ruili and Wu Aiguo, visited the research environment, office conditions, and graduate apartments of the medical laboratory, and inquired about the progress of the relocation and difficulties encountered. He said that Cixi Municipal People's Government will fully support the development of Cixi Medical Laboratories and work together to create a new chapter in Cixi Medical Laboratories.